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PostSubject: share it with someone   Tue Sep 06, 2011 8:30 am

"I feel awful tonight lace wigs . And I have to share it with someone.

"Something is going wrong with Stefan and me wholesale lace wigs . There is this terrible sadness inside him that I
can't reach, and it's driving us apart. I don't know what to do.

"I can't bear the thought of losing him. But he's so very unhappy about something, and if he won't
tell me what it is, if he won't trust me full lace wigs that much, I don't see any hope for us.

"Yesterday full lace wig when he was holding me I felt something smooth and round underneath his shirt,
something on a chain. I asked him, teasingly, if it was a gift from Caroline. And he just froze and
wouldn't talk anymore. It was as if he were suddenly a thousand miles away curly full lace wigs , and his eyes... there
was so much pain in his eyes that I could hardly stand it."

Elena stopped reading and traced the last lines written in the journal silently with her eyes. I feel as if
someone has hurt him terribly Buy full lace wigs
in the past and he's never got over it. But I also think there's
something he's afraid of, some secret he's afraid I'll find out. If I only knew what that was, I could
prove to him that he can trust me human hair full lace wigs . That he can trust me no matter lace front wig what happens, to the end.

"If only I knew," she whispered.

"If only you knew what?" said Meredith in stock full lace wigs , and Elena looked up, startled.

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share it with someone
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