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 Vehicle suspension

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PostSubject: Vehicle suspension   Thu Oct 20, 2011 11:58 pm

Vehicle suspension

Did you ride in someone else's differences compared to the vehicle, input shaft and gear you feel how to promote it? Do you think how to deal with curves, bumps went smoothly difference? Their vehicles to make a good first impression? This is all due to vehicle suspension, which may make it the first or last many times, wholesale clothing you will drive their car. The vehicle suspension system is a few parts work together, to give you smooth driving experience combined, and you keep your car full control. Balance increased speed or acceleration, bumps and absorb the power of the energy and strength. Wise Savage online as "down the road when the vehicle speed, REBAR BENDER energy, advance the cause of energy bumps into vertical energy, tourism vehicles through the frame. No coil and leaf springs absorb energy vehicles will lead to vertical jump off the road, thereby reducing friction and control vehicle tires, and then come up with greater force down the border, very uncomfortable and dangerous journey. leaf springs "According to Newton's laws of motion, all forces of the magnitude and direction. Bumps in the road so that the wheel up and down perpendicular to the road. No road or highway is completely flat, which is a good suspension system first needs.
This important part of driving, including suspension parts, chassis or frame, salt meter springs, leaf springs, including Struts and shock absorber damping, and anti-swing or torsion bar. A suspension system, which usually include some combination of those above. Everyone has an important job in the system, all working in their respective roles, to keep your vehicle on the road, riding in the management. Spring and spring to absorb vertical conductivity tester forces, so that your tires stay in direct contact with the ground. Passenger vehicles are on the front springs and leaf springs in the rear, and many SUV and truck springs in the front and rear positions, or have independent front and rear suspension. Some vehicles have torsion bar, also known as anti-sway or anti-roll bar. They found that the vehicle's frame, and to help balance the lateral movement around corners. Torsion bar is an integral part, is considered top-heavy, ph/orp controller or more likely to turn over the vehicle. The vehicle suspension system is another important component of the ball joint. These extra tough steel, orp meter ball joints, and as a fulcrum or suspension and tires between the behavior of the connector. They help support the weight of your car, it can also be aligned ph meter properly set a factor. LCL

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Vehicle suspension
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