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 Cut-off valve and gate valve

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PostSubject: Cut-off valve and gate valve   Fri Oct 21, 2011 12:07 am

Cut-off valve and gate valve

As we all know, the valve industry and prosperity, should be further developed. bunk bed It is certain specified valve, all kinds. Cut-off valve and gate valve is one of two types, hold their own specifications. Now, these two aspects is characterized in the following description. Valve function is part of the door section, which is also known as wedge-shaped disc. It is used to turn on or off, full control of flow, prom dress the movement direction and perpendicular to the flow direction. Under normal circumstances, is not appropriate valve for regulating flow. And the seal is absolutely necessary to ensure dragon nest operation for a variety of specified size. The type is the self-appointed, from the long-term pressure is used to seal function. The other type is a closed gate at the needed help to ensure a good seal. Sealing surface formed by the two shapes, there are rigid and flexible doors doors available.
To be sure, in many respects the required standards. Their goal is to make the valve can be used safely and effectively withstand the temperature and pressure. Flow control And there are many suitable driving means, such as manual mode, bevel gears, and other models. Similarly, industrial valves a variety of media, can control the valve. In general, the gate is popular in industrial processes or in everyday life. Have some appreciation of the term advantages, such as the fluid resistance is small, easy to open and close, free-flowing medium, simple structure, Strainer good manufacturing processes and a wide range of applications.
In general, specifications, models, operating pressure, said valve is always to buy. However, the information is not enough, you buy the right valve for your application, Ball valve especially in such a competitive market. To stand among competitors, globe valve each valve factory of innovative design and manufacture of valves, but the basic standards remain the same. This leads to changes in the product, forged valves from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is therefore recommended to the detailed technical requirements, you can be the consensus with the manufacturers.
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Cut-off valve and gate valve
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